Wreath Subscription

We hope you are excited about your 4 seasons of wreaths subscription! We are excited to help you plan your next year of floral loveliness!

If you would like to purchase a subscription click here (4 seasons of wreaths)

If you are a member already, this is for you!

step 1: choose your first wreath! Simply browse all of the wreaths here on this page and choose which one you would love! If you need help deciding you can always fill out the contact us form below or give us a call and we will help you find just the right one! 

step 2: Email us , or message us, with your name and who purchased the subscription for you. Please put the name of the wreath and the date you would like it to ship, and you are a contact information including email . Keep in mind production time is 3 to 5 days and shipping time is about the same.

email to: subscriptions@thegatheringgarden.com


step 3: await your tracking details for your wreath! We will send you tracking via the email you provide in the contact us form.


step 4: enjoy your wreath! Be sure to read the directions and care instructions before removing a wreath from the box. We attached them to the box in a very specific way so they travel well. Directions will be included in each box! 

step 5: when you are ready for the next wreath to ship start over with step one! We recommend one wreath each for winter, spring, summer, and fall! But if you are ever need of a different combination just let us now!