About us

The gathering garden was inspired by my childhood, growing up in beautiful southwest florida, with a beautiful garden in my backyard, picking fresh baby tomatoes, and fresh citrus in my grandparents yard.
I learned from a young age the beauty of nature and all that it provides to sustain us, to entertain us, to nourish us.  Now I try to pass that love of nature on to our children...you will find us at the local u-pick farms, farmers markets, in the back planting herbs and flowers, enjoying the beach and being out in the fresh air:)

I was also obsessed with lavender from a young age! Every thing I owned had to be lavender:) Growing up in Florida, where lavender isn't very prevalent, I always thought it was just a color. In college I stumbled upon a little lavender wreath, and fell further in love, lavender was a flower (an herb to be exact) and so gorgeous! That little moment turned into a passion to learn about this amazing herb, I learned to make crafts using it, made my first lavender wreath,  and before long I had sold hundreds of wreaths on our first online store!

While in Italy for our wedding in 2004, we honeymooned in Tuscany, and woke up in the morning to a scent very familiar to me! Lavender growing beautifully all around us! We spent the day in and out of little shops full of lavender goods and home decor items, and I knew that moment we needed to bring this experience back for everyone in the US. Lavender plus all sorts of lovely gifts and goods inspired by the beauty that is nature. Our first stores came to fruition!


We hope you will enjoy a selection of products inspired by nature!  

samantha azzarelli

Owner, the Gathering Garden