Weekly Garden Tips! How many Pickle Packets should Peter Piper Pick?

Peter needs to not pick any more peppers and start picking cucumbers!

We are not called the gathering garden for nothing. We love gardening and this is prime time for it friends! So introducing our weekly blog Garden tip of the week!

If you are lucky enough to be in that so many cucumbers I don't know what to do with them all season, This weeks tip is for you! I went for a trip to see my Mom in Tennessee and had the most delicious burgers with homemade Pickles!

Not just any pickles but my Grandmas favorite! Made by my Mom!

I said give me the ingredients for this! She showed me a packet! I tell you they were so good and the fact that these were so easy made them even better! So I'm sharing the link with you here friends! The perfect way to use up all those cucs!

Grab the Bread and Butter ones with this affiliate link 


And if you are more of a Dill Pickle Person here is a link for those and they are just as delicious! Friends you are going to love!





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