Weddings are back!

We so missed creating all of your wedding day florals last year! The summer is one of our busiest seasons and it was such a strange and sad time to have to cancel so many orders. Brides and mothers just waiting for things to return to normal! Scheduling then unscheduling, downsizing, backyard weddings to replace big ones! We really felt for you all last year. What the down time really did for us was to allow us time to plan our big move to the country! More space to create and be inspired. So here we are a year later in the countryside of the foothills in Georgia, creating your wedding goodies! 

I thought I would show you a diy on how to make one of our crowns! It’s very long! But something you can definitely have fun making! And if making is not your thing, we’ve got plenty in stock in shop! 

happy wedding season!

Click the picture above to watch my diy flower crown tutorial! 









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