A Natural and beautiful Alternative to the rice toss at your Wedding

Do you believe in the Celtic tradition of tossing rice? It is expected to bring prosperity and happiness to the newlywed couple. Rice tossing might be traditional, but it is a wastage of food when many people worldwide don’t even get enough to eat daily.

But missing a ritual at your wedding isn’t fun. So, what’s the solution in such a scenario? You should look for some natural and beautiful alternatives that can look just as gracious as the rice tossing but wouldn’t involve food wastage.

Finding it hard to search for such an alternative? Let us help you with a list of the best rice toss alternatives:

Wedding flower Confetti. It's raining flowers! Bulk box of gorgeous dried flowers!

The Wedding flower Confetti will work as a perfect alternative to the rice toss. Being dry, you can throw them as far as you want without the excessive creative mess. Besides, the light fragrance in the dried flowers will keep everyone happy.

Dried Lavender buds:

Lavender is a smell that is usually everyone’s favorite. So, using the lavender buds as an alternative to rice will make everyone extremely happy. The different shades of lavender, from gray to blue, will look lovely when flying all over your wedding place.

Lavender wedding confetti cones:

If you are an individual who values the environment and are very cautious about the impact that you as an individual create, then the lavender wedding confetti cones are a perfect choice for you. Everything will suit your criteria, from the lovely smelling lavenders to the biodegradable cone. Not to mention the beauty that will come with these cones and lavender.

Summing up:

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so you cannot miss anything you have always wanted to do. You might not like certain traditions as they are, but there is always a solution, just like the rice toss alternative.

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